Water 2

The lack of fresh water in the world kills more people than wars.

There is more than enough fresh water in the world for domestic use, agriculture and industry, but the poor are largely excluded from this universally recognized “human right”. Millions of people, forced to collect water from sewers, ditches and streams, are constantly experiencing hardship, threatening their lives. This problem can be avoided.

In most African countries, “dirty water poses a much greater threat to human security than violent conflict.” The vulnerability of children makes them the biggest carriers of this tragedy. Approximately 2.2 million annually children die of diarrhea.

These problems can be avoided by following the fundamentals of human progress: a constant supply of clean water, wastewater disposal, and sanitation.

Traveling through the Gambia, we found a poor school, which was constantly attended by countless children from the surrounding villages. We visited and met the teachers of the school and were surprised to learn that there is no water in the school.

We invite everyone to contribute to our noble goal of installing the new Blue Pump. For all the work, we take Swe-Gam Co. Ltd is a company with extensive experience in water projects. So stay tuned for more news and find out how we will manage to implement the Blue Pump project.

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