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Africa is continent with special climate and nature: exotic wildlife and plants of amazing beauty. But that is only one side of the coin. The other is the people living there, and unfortunately the majority of them live differently than we do – not in a civilized world full of comfort.

Everyone has heard about the food scarcity, unbearable living conditions and children dying from hunger and thirst in the content. The members of our team witness this every year when participating in the race across the regions of Africa.

Millions of people in African countries are at the brink of starvation and it is children who suffer the most. Constant lack of food causes impairments of the mental and physical development, their immune systems weaken, and they frequently suffer from various incurable diseases.

However, as difficult as it may be, they still seek education, even though conditions in African schools are extremely bad. Educational institutions are constructed from bricks and blocks, which the people make themselves. Sunlight can only enter through small windows in such schools. Children sit on wooden benches made by someone or simply on the floor. They constantly lack not only books, but writing instruments and notebooks as well, and such problem persists throughout Africa.

Therefore the members of our charity foundation prepare for visiting African rural schools and communities in advance. This is because they know that they lack various educational supplies: notebooks, books, writing and drawing tools, visual material, etc. Sometimes there is even a shortage of teachers… But they really have a huge desire to learn here. Children perfectly understand one important thing – they need to learn in order to improve their living conditions. So we distribute charity once again – school supplies, toys, medications, vitamins, English dictionaries, etc. And it is difficult to put into words how the children’s eyes look like when they see the “gifts” they are given. The things, which seem unnecessary or worthless to us, are of great value for poor African children. School administrations and communities always invite us with open arms because they like our initiative.

Charity work in Africa must be very focused in order to provide the highest benefit. So it is best to support certain rural schools and communities. Therefore the main aim of the Africa Charity Foundation is to constantly provide charity to the poorest regions of Africa. Since 2014 the members of Africa Charity Foundation provide medications, food, vitamins, school supplies, football balls, toys, and various small necessities from the funds raised. In our travel we give all of it away to small rural schools and the poorest rural communities. If we cannot go there ourselves, we load a container and send it to Africa after taking care of all necessary customs formalities.

We know that even a small gift provides a lot of happiness for the children. We give out support, which our charity foundation collects every year. We come home empty handed, but with hearts full of happiness, because we contributed to better life of children at least a little.

If this interested you and you would like to see Africa – the real, unadulterated one, where realistic nature and people living in poverty can change your view on life – we invite you to travel with us and join the truly noble mission of Africa Charity Foundation.

The starving children of Africa need our help. Don’t be indifferent to their suffering !!!


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